What data does www.theleafletshop.com store about its Customers and visitors?

When you use The Leaflet Shops online checkout, you will need to supply your name / company name (if applicable), address, contact details such as email address and phone number. These details will be stored by The Leaflet Shop so contact can be made if required. The Leaflet Shop will never sell any of your details.

All personal information shared with us is kept secure and private under industry standard encryption. The Leaflet Shop will occasionally contact you about sales, new products or events. If you prefer not to receive any future contact of this nature, you may unsubscribe from all contact by using the link at the bottom of any marketing e-mails you receive from The Leaflet Shop.

The Leaflet Shop website has been created to provide an online retailer platform for customers to purchase printed goods, as well as provide support and information about our services. If you think any information looks incorrect or find any broken or incorrectly directed links, please contact us.

Automated emails sent from The leaflet Shop regarding orders, account registration or acknowledgements cannot be stoped and will always be sent. The nature of these emails are mandatory to assure you receive the best possible service from The Leaflet Shop.

Cookies and Tracking

The Leaflet Shop e-commerce system may use cookies to enhance the shopping experience of its customers.


All information and content used on www.theleafletshop.com is protected by copyright law. Unless otherwise specified in writing from The Leaflet Shop, no one has permission to duplicate, republish, redistribute or use in anyway, any content found on www.theleafletshop.com.


The Leaflet Shop make every efforts to provide accurate information of all products listed on our website, including pricing, product information and services. It should not be assumed that the information on The Leaflet Shop is always factually correct, as both human and technical errors can come in to effect.