The Leaflet Shop Terms & Conditions

Upon placing an order for products from this website, it is assumed that you have read and understood these conditions. If you choose to place an order with The Leaflet Shop through the use of this website you are there for bound by the following terms. The company, trading as The Leaflet Shop (hereafter referred to as “the Company” or “the Seller”) will not be bound by any conditions imposed by the customer (hereafter referred to as the “buyer” or “customer”), unless agreed to in writing and signed by all company owners & partners associated with The leaflet Shop.


No order will ever be processed for print without the email confirmation of approval from the customer. It is the customers responsibility to thoroughly check all design work created by The Leaflet Shop before approving for print. Artwork approval from the customer must be completed within a timely manner. It is assumed that the customer will respond to the artwork approval request from The Leaflet Shop within 24 – 48 hours of receipt. Any extended time beyond this period may result in extended delivery times.

The Leaflet Shop will not be held responsible for printing or designing artwork with incorrect files, information or content. It is the purpose of requesting artwork sign off from the customer that these discrepancies should be flagged to The Leaflet Shops design studio by email. Files that are submitted containing mistakes or in factual information by the customer will not be accepted as liability of The Leaflet Shop before or after printing has taken place. All artwork revisions and requests must be submitted to The Leaflet Shop’s studio by e-mail, containing the customer’s order reference number within the subject line of the email. The Leaflet Shop cannot accept verbal feedback over the phone, in person, via video chat or via text message.  


All payments must be made via the secure online checkout on The Leaflet Shop website. No design or print services will take place until the payment has been processed and received in full. Payment can be made via debit card, credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Cash, cheques and other forms of payments are bot accepted. All payments must be made in Great British Pounds.

Do you need to pay VAT?

Leaflets designed for promotional or information purposes only, are classed a zero rated, which means you do not have to pay VAT on them.

However, if your leaflets are;

– Designed to be written on.

– Used to obtain a discount for goods and services i.e. 30% Off with this leaflet.

– Used for admission to a premises.

they are classed as tickets, coupons or vouchers and are not recognised as leaflets by HMRC, therefor a standard rate of 20% VAT may apply.

If you are unsure, please contact a member of our team. If you place your order and VAT is required, we can either refund your order in full, or send you an invoice for the outstanding VAT amount.

For more information, please visit the
HMRC website


The Leaflet Shop will provide the customer with a artwork proof which has been created in accordance with the design brief submitted via email or online from the customer. The customer may request artwork revisions to the artwork in order to better suit the customer needs. The Leaflet Shop offer free design revisions to customers in order to assure the customer satisfied with the final printed result. If the customer is still unsatisfied with the design work after the fifth design revision or after 2 weeks of continues design work, or whichever comes first, the studio manager will contact the customer via phone to help resolve the issue and prepare the artwork for print. 


The Leaflet Shop only use artwork and assets covered by our commercial license from our selected suppliers. If for any reason The Leaflet Shop breaches any copyright laws or any acts of plagiarism, please note this is an accidental act and unintentional.

If an accidental act of copyright has been carried out by The Leaflet Shop on any artwork, The Leaflet Shop are happy to negotiate within reason any licensing fees required for any loss or damage. All artwork created by The Leaflet Shop is covered by a commercial license and a copy of the license related to the asset or artwork in question can be provided if requested.


Any assets, content or artwork sent to The Leaflet Shop by the customer is understood to be either fully covered by a commercial license or the sole property of the customer. By sending any content to be included within the customers artwork, the customer is confirming that they will be held fully responsible for any laws broken regarding copyright infringements, of any files or imagery sent to The Leaflet Shop to be used in their artwork.


a) The customer must ensure that they have the full authority to use any material in which is governed by copyright. The Leaflet Shop reserves the right to refuse any work which infringes the copyright of a third party.

b) The customer will indemnify The Leaflet Shop against any claims resulting in costs, charges or expenses as a result of copyright infringement of any nature, including but not limited to, copyright letters patent, registered design trademark, trade name, industry guidelines or any other intellectual property rights, that have been breached as a result of the customer.

c) The Leaflet Shop must be made immediately aware of any claims or action brought against the customer regarding the artwork.  


The Leaflet Shop can not be bound by any prices quoted verbally, either by telephone or video call. Only quotes received via email will be deemed as genuine. All quoted prices from The Leaflet Shop or any of its representatives are valid for 7 days from receipt. After 7 days of receipt, the quote in question will need to be reassessed by The Leaflet Shop. All prices listed on The leaflet Shop website are subject to change. Purchasing goods from a quoted price does not entitle the customer to receive the same quoted price for any future or previous orders.


Special offers and sale prices are offered by The Leaflet Shop entirely at their discretion and can be ended at any time without prior notice. The Leaflet Shop reserves the right to cancel any customer order placed at sale prices should the supply costs change. In these circumstances, the customers will be offered service for the usual price or at a reduced rate determined by The Leaflet Shop.


Once the order has been processed for print, the order cannot be amended, changed or cancelled in any way. Once the printing process has begun, under no circumstances can refunds be processed by The Leaflet Shop, as costs of services and materials can no longer be reversed. Orders may be cancelled if the printing process has not yet begun. If the customer wishes to receive a full refund after their first design proof has been received, they may do so under The Leaflet Shops money back guarantee. If further design alteration, revisions or changes have already commenced, a partial refund may be given at the discretion of The Leaflet Shop. The refund amount will be calculated in accordance to the time spent to date on the artwork by The Leaflet Shops graphic department. Partial refunds will be calculated at £60 per hour for design services. The Leaflet Shop reserves the right to reject customer orders for any reason, in which a full refund will be processed.


The Leaflet Shop shall be deemed to have fulfilled our contract by delivery of a quantity within 5% plus or minus of the quantity of printed goods ordered. If the delivered goods are within 5% above or below the purchased amount, the customer will be charge the same rate as agreed on your invoice at the time of sale.


The Leaflet Shop can not guarantee an exact print match to the colours represented on the customer’s screen. RGB and CMYK colour profiles differ, and therefore in some circumstances colours received in print may appear darker than what the customers computer, laptop, tablet or mobile screen produced. The closest possible match to the original colour within the artwork will always be delivered.


The Leaflet Shop cannot guarantee the delivery of goods by a certain time or day due to factors outside of our control, including weather, traffic, mechanical, technical and more. The Leaflet Shop aim to deliver customer orders within 7 working days. This turnaround estimate is based on the assumption of the customer requesting no more than 2 design revisions. If the customer requests multiple design revisions the 7-day turnaround time may be exceeded.


Customer orders will be fulfilled using a courier service. In most cases (but not all) The Leaflet Shop will provide the customer with a tracking number. If the customer provided their mobile phone number when placing their order, they may be eligible for text message updates regarding their delivery. The Leaflet Shop are not responsible for tracking deliveries on behalf of the customer, however, the customer may request updates. If a designated delivery address is not stated when the customer places the order, the goods will be delivered to the billing address. Lost, missing or damaged deliveries must be reported to The Leaflet Shop via email within 3 working of receipt.


If the customer has any complaints unrelated to the courier or delivery of their goods, they must submit their complaint within 7 days  of receiving the goods. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure their goods are received in full and all leaflets are printed, folded and packaged correctly. All complaints must be submitted to …….


The Leaflet Shop will not be held responsible for failure or delay in the carrying out of our services under the contract as a result of causes outside our reasonable control.


Promotion / promo codes supplied by The Leaflet Shop can not be used in tandem with any other voucher codes or offers.